Becoming a Member

  • A competitive club that allows students the opportunity to compete in the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League (AIEL) across maritime universities

  • Riders must tryout to be selected for the team. Information is updated on Facebook and Instagram when relevant. 

  • Riders must have SSEI helmets, proper show attire, and be full or part-time UPEI, AVC or Holland College student with proof of insurance and an up to date Provincial Equestrian membership


UPEI Equestrian Society - A student society operating under UPEI SU 

  • Aimed to be a place for all students who share a passion for and interest in horses. 

  • The society does not require members to take riding lessons. 

  • Society events will be equine focused and will include information talks, social events, and more

  • The goal is to bring together students who are also horse lovers or have an interest in becoming more involved in equestrian activities. 

  • A list of local barns will be provided and a Facebook group exists to connect students who may wish to plan lessons and travel together.


Contact for more info or other inquiries:

Email: equestrianclub@upeisu.ca      

Facebook: @upeiequestrian     

Instagram: @upei_equestrian