Panther Sports Medicine

Panther Sports Medicine

Panther Sports Medicine is a reactive health™ company that focuses on Sports Rehabilitation and Prevention.

At Panther, we take a personalized approach to sports rehabilitation for all athletes across the spectrum. Our aim is to help you reach your potential by playing pain-free or return to play after injury as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re UPEI Varsity Panther or a recreational Community athlete… we are here to help.

Our dedicated Panther Sports Medicine team consists of Registered Physiotherapists, Registered (Therapeutic) Massage Therapists, Kinesiologists, Athletic Trainers and a Nutritionist. 

You can see our presence at all UPEI Panther Varsity and Club sporting events as well as many Provincial Athletic competiions across the Island.  

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Thank you in advance for putting your trust in our Panther Sports Medicine team and we look forward to helping you get back to peak performance.

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