Panthers UN1TE

Panthers UN1TE

Deeply rooted by the Principles of Panther Pride, the Panthers UN1TE brand has a twofold approach. It relates to Panthers connecting with other Panthers (students, staff, alumni, fans), and also Panthers connecting with children, organizations, and all other people in our broader communities.

The use of the 1 symbolizes that we want everyone to be proud or our uniqueness, we are all part of 1 province that only has 1 university, we are all 1 - Panthers; that we are striving to be and build champions (to be #1), and that we want everyone to appreciate the power of 1, in making positive change.

The program consists of four main themes:


Connecting with and engaging our community with UPEI hosted events

Developing, attending and supporting community events

Supporting and giving back to various groups in our community


Panthers represent education.

We strive to promote and advocate for education to all populations.

We support educational initiatives by:

Sharing values inherent in sport – coaching, camps, visits, etc.

Working to improve literacy and numeracy - Read with Pride series, etc.


We provide opportunities to members of our communities that enable them to have fun, feel a part of something special, connect with others and hopefully increase their confidence so they realize opportunities are endless.

We advocate for the importance of values and education and the relationship they have with success and opportunity.


We strive to teach/demonstrate the importance of appreciating and celebrating the past/our history.

We encourage everyone to respect established routines and traditions, but also to be open to creating new and meaningful traditions for ongoing growth and pride.