Support the Green and White

Support the Green and White

Panther Sport is striving for:

  1. AUS & U Sport Championships

  2. Athletes who take pride in Academic Achievement

  3. Coaches and Athletes who are strong positive Role Models - Model the Principles of Panther Pride

Ways to Support:

  1. Follow and Promote the team(s) on Social media - Like/Share/Follow, etc.,

  2. Attend Alumni/Panther Fan/Volunteer at Events including;

    1. Panther Kickoff

    2. Sport Legacy Celebration

    3. Kitchen Party
  3. Attend Games - Purchase Season Tickets (Panther Package/All Access Pass)

  4. Donations - Make tax deductible, cash donations to the team(s) of your choice

  5. Adopt A Panther (billet athletes, host for meals, etc.)

  6. Purchase Memberships to, and/or attend fitness classes at, the Sports Centre

  7. Send Children to UPEI Panther Academy - Camps, After School Programs

  8. Corporate Sponsorship

  9. Attend/Support Fundraising events

    1. Mickey Place

    2. Mulligan Cup

    3. Panther Classic Golf Tournament

  10. Academic Support

    1. Tutoring/Mentoring

    2. Books


All we can ask is for you to support as “you” can!  

Together we will achieve what we are striving for!


Thanks for your support!

Go Panthers Go!